Pretty Songs About Ugly Things

The Akai

  1. Prologue
  2. As Legs Get Slower
  3. Adrift
  4. Beautiful
  5. The Fall
  6. Hardened Soil
  7. First Song of April
  8. Sold
  9. Camera
  10. Best a Man Can Find
  11. Picking Flowers in the Dark
  12. Mute

NOW AVAILABLE! Debut LP from 2006. Original CD-R pressing limited to 120 copies. Each CD is handcrafted by the band. $15

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former verse


  1. slow dance
  2. as you are about to leave the room
  3. intro (avoiding the hunters)
  4. love is worth saving
  5. current
  6. mixtape
  7. untitled
  8. static tv sets

This album was recorded between 2003 and 2005 at
Essential Sessions Studios and also in Josh’s basement.
It took its time coming out, but they’re proud of it and they hope you like it too. daytrip are now writing and recording their follow-up.

Buy the whole album, or individual tracks from in MP3 format. $6

Nathan is an “Umb”

Nathan Lee

  1. Me & Laughy
  2. It’s a Knock
  3. Mike, Get Off My Hood!
  4. Red Flags

Nathan has been living near the Mississippi River for
the past 5 years, north and south. Such historic
scenery and landscape has inspired him to write songs
on many o’subject. For instance – being trapped in
the middle of a Billy Joel music video while all along
thinking it’s a Mike & the Mechanics video…being
married to a giant piece of taffy…and the happiness
that comes from bringing a sock puppet to “life”.
Sure, it’s no “dueling banjos” but close enough!

Strike You, Balance!

Pop Riveter

  1. Good Day
  2. Sit Down
  3. Groove ’86
  4. You Give Up
  5. Je Suis D’Amery
  6. Car Crash
  7. Boathouse

Debut EP from 2004. Original pressing limited to 50 copies, of which only a few featured a secret bonus track.

How I Wasted My Youth

Reed Sutter

  1. Keep Me Out
  2. Is That The End?
  3. Rest Area
  4. That Day
  5. 10-20
  6. Optimism
  7. Pessimism
  8. I Guess This Is Good
  9. I Am To Tragedy
  10. So Say
  11. She’s So Good
  12. Broken Glass
  13. Jet Back Pack
  14. Melinda
  15. Favorite Shirt
  16. Pop Rocks
  17. I Want Back My Sweater

How I Wasted My Youth is a collection of solo recordings that stretch the boundaries of what should be called “pop music.” Reed recorded these songs between 1998 and 2002 while playing in SP3!, Poppin’ Fresh, Kloey, Daytrip, Off Kilter and The Lavone. The result is an album heavy on heartache, melody and variety -lighter on congruity and fidelity. Try it and like it.