former verse mp3s for sale

mperia has mp3s of former verse for sale. the whole CD!

daytrip / pop riveter show on 3/3/06

Pop Riveter
Race Car Kid

Friday March 3, 2006
We play @ 8pm

The Java Joint
710 W. St. Germain St. (map)
St. Cloud, MN
(320) 656-5990


posters: 1, 2, 3

UPDATE: Pictures of Pop Riveter’s set are up.

Free music!

Two great records are now online for FREE download:

daytrip release update

The daytrip release is coming along. Can’t give an exact release date yet, but the record has been been mastered, artwork is done, and we’re working out the best way to duplicate the CD’s. Hoping for an early spring 2006 release.

Band Kids Unite!

You’re a plant that we’ve neglected to water and we trust you’re thirsty… Today, we launch a new website. It’s like a birth, but without all the afterbirth. Welcome to the new home for our hobby! In the coming days/weeks, watch for releases from daytrip and Nathan Lee. We’re absolutely going to require (test) yr patience as we always have so bear with us and enjoy the new endeavor! Email yr friends, calls yr old loves, write easily misundertood comments in yr blog! ::Trumpet blast!:: -reed